Our services...

Aerial Photography

Simply stunning aerial images

Our "state of the art" equipment allows us to deliver outstanding aerial images that can be used for almost any purpose imaginable... Get in touch with us to discuss our aerial photography servies

The sky really is the limit...

Aerial videography

Outstanding aerial videography

Stabilised aerial  video production allows awesome, smooth as glass shots that can be used for any purpose and can be easily shared on all website & multimedia platforms. 

All definitions up to 4k resolution

Commercial surveys

Commercial surveys & inspections -  no problem...

Our commercial department takes care of all forms of industrial and agricultural projects. From pipeline, tower and wind turbine inspections  through to thermal imaging... we`ve got it covered -  often saving our clients tens of thousands of pounds in lost time and productivity.

Feel free to take advantage of our FREE CONULTATIONS here !!

3D data models

Professional survey data solutions

Using DRONE aquired point cloud data allows for rapid terrain analysis - together with our data processing partners - an ultra fast turnaround of finished terrain models is possible - an invaluable asset in architecture - terrain mapping and volumetric analysis. (BIM / GIS)

Ground based video

When aerial footage is just not enough...

In addition to all our aerial systems - we can also supply you with ground based video and still photography to complement your aerial material.

(Up to 4K resolution)

Post production

So how do I get my new footage looking good ?

Ok - so its very cool to have all this footage but what to do with it and do I have the time?

Here`s the solution !!

Our full post production service takes all the raw & unedited footage and turns it into an awesome presentation that you can publish to your website or share via all media channels - we help you all the way.. EASY !!


Golf clubs / courses

Is there any better way to promote a glorious course than with aerial images that your members and more importantly your prospective members can enjoy?

 Our video productions both aerial and ground based can give you the advantage and promote your club and  facilities to the full !

Building & roof inspections

Our clients are enjoying massive time / cost savings in this particular area.

DRONE / UAV inspections are fast reliable, accurate & extremely cost effective - there is currently no better or more cost effective way to inspect "hard to reach areas" 

Inspection results are immediate, allowing for prompt & cost effective action to remedy potential problems. 

Widely used by facility management companies alongside building surveyors and local authorities / councils & insurance companies

Infrastructure survey

Maintaining infrastructure is crucial - typically this will involve a constant cycle of inspection & maintenance - often time consuming & expensive.

Our DRONES / UAV`s are speeding up the cycle resulting in massive cost savings and improved efficiency.

Typical projects in this arena include:

  • Tower inspections
  • Telecom mast inspections
  • Pipeline inspections
  • Building progress assesments
  • Power line inspections
  • Wind turbine inspections
  • Site development data 

Freelance UAV pilot service

Do you have a mission or project  that you are trying to fulfill ?

Our FREELANCE DRONE / UAV PILOT service offers full National and International coverage

We fly with our own equipment... 

(or yours - depending on the system)

We can fulfill most projects with minimal fuss and delay. Simply contact us to discuss your requirements.



providing YOU with outstanding aerial services wherever you are on the planet.

Estate & land agents

Why should ESTATE & LAND AGENTS use DRONES / UAV`s ?

This is such a HOT TOPIC. It has been proven that good quality aerial images, both still & video can generate up to 70% more interest in a property resulting in faster sales with more prospective buyers whilst in the meantime achieving the 


(Both domestic & commercial)

Our  service is mostly used by agents offering PREMIUM properties where prospective VENDORS & BUYERS  are looking for a WOW factor and have the means to aquire THE RIGHT PROPERTY

It`s a win / win for Vendor - Buyer & Agent. 

Presentation is everything & we deliver it with minimal fuss and delay - 


Challenge us...

Do you like a challenge ?

Drones / UAV`s are opening up a multitude of imaging possibilies  - projects which were previoulsy impossible or just too expensive to achieve with manned aviation are now in easy & affordable reach


You imagine it...

Let`s see if we can fly it ?

(Obviously within the rules of our    CAA permissions & safety stipulations)

much more...

Caravan & touring parks

What better way to promote your touring park or lesiure park ?

With more people staying put & enjoying their leisure time in the UK - your retreat should attract and engage as many new clients as possible.

Our promotional production service will PROMOTE & ENGAGE maximum interest in what you have to offer your customers.

In this particular area we have found that short but interesting promotional videos pay maximum dividends, you will be able to share the finished product on your website and all popular media streams...possibly the cheapest & most effective advertising you can use.

Hotels & Leisure

Hotel services and leisure breaks are big business.

Stay one step ahead of the competition by showing your clients what you have to offer in an engaging and emotive way.

Our short promotional videos provide just that....

(Including 360 virtual tours)

You can of course share the finished product on your website and all social media platforms.



Farming and agriculture is an essential part of our economy.

Our aerial systems & service are being used by the industry to:

  • Evaluate  useable land
  • Evaluate crop health / yeild
  • Livestock moitoring
  • Flood risk asessment
  • Development opprtunities

Call or contact us to discuss the benefits of using our DRONES / UAV`s in your industry

Schools & Education

Drones / UAVs have become a major technological asset in the last 5 years - The DRONE industry & development of new solutions shows no sign of slowing up and this technology is being used in hundreds of new and revolutionary ways, this will continue into the future - 

Our schools & educational programme allows students to get an insight into this revelutionary technology with the emphasis on... How is it being used?  where is it being used? & of course how does it work? together with the subject of where the future is heading & where you CAN & CANNOT fly !

Not to mention our realistic PC based FLIGHT SIMULATOR that students can try out, no XBOX game contollers here... its based on an actual radio control ground station (always a big hit with the class)

Our  lectures are inspiring - fun - thought provoking and most importantly SAFETY concious. Practical workshops engage & encourage students to get involved. All this from a REAL LIFE commercial pilot / operator.

Who knows... you may have budding commercial drone pilots in the  class...?

Please contact us for further details.

Drone school

Established in 2016 Our DRONE SCHOOL program is designed to educate newcomers to the awesome world of DRONES / UAV`s 

Lessons are concise and always under the instruction of a commercial pilot / operator.


  • How to fly (Practical & theory)
  • Where & where NOT to fly
  • CAA regulations governing DRONE use in the UK
  • Setup & safety procedures
  • Checklist discipline
  • Pre PfCO flight test training

If you are intending to make flying your profession, we can help guide you through the minefield of which NQE training provider to use - where to buy your equipment - Advice on insurance and how to progress rapidly in this awesome new industry.

Prices start at just £99.00 (1 Hour)

Events & weddings


Your wedding - the biggest day of your life..Why not capture the moment with beuatiful smooth aerial  video & still images to perfectly complement traditional wedding photography. A complete range of packages to suit all budgets.


Our other specialist services include aerial and ground based filming of events and special occassions including motorsport - music festivals - watersports events - and many others.. (up to 4K resolution)

Please  contact us for details as aerial work is not always possible at all events.